• Plants for the office

    Office buddy

    Having a plant on your desk brightens your day and improve your mood. Your boss won't let you have a cat so get a plant pet.

  • Plants for a good night sleep

    Sleepy time

    Some plants have air cleaning abilities. they absorb
    formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide from the air.

  • Easy care plants

    I kill plants

    Can't keep plants alive? We have a selection of easy care plants for you.

  • No sun no problem

    No sun

    Brighten a dark corner with these Indoor plants that require low light.

Our Mission

To enrich and transform our clients’ environment, health and well being with plants through the principles of biophilic design and inclusion of nature in the built environment, including green roofs, living walls, Potted plants and landscaping. To provide green solutions and services at competitive pricing and hight quality.

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