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The Liquid Fertilizer Geranios is a fertilizer specifically used for geraniums and flowering is abundant and extended in time. It intensifies and lengthens the flowering of plants, especially geraniums and perlagoniums.


Flowery geraniums for a longer time.

To activate their flowering, the Geranios Liquid Fertilizer incorporates more phosphorus and potassium than other fertilizers since they favor the flowering of geraniums to be longer and longer lasting.

The natural amino acids it contains biostimulate plants, providing them with stronger and healthier growth and development.

It can be used as a foliar and root fertilizer.


Use the cap as a gauge.  

Fertilize in irrigation water ( watering machine, for example): Dissolve 1 cap in 4 liters of water and water as usual.

Fertilize by foliar way : In this case, dissolve ½ cap in 4 liters of water in a spray bottle, shake and spray on the plant. We recommend not wetting the flowers with the mixture, you could damage them.  


To fertilize all kinds of geraniums.


Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children.

Store the product in a dry and cool place

Spring and Summer : Apply every 15 days. Do not apply in times of high temperatures.

Autumn and winter : Fertilize every once every two months (except for seasonal plants, which you can pay once a month).


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