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  • organic-mineral fertilizer sticks convienient in using
  • fertilizer is released to the ground under the influence of moisture
  • provides all nutrients to plants grown in containers and pots


Agrecol Natura


WE fertilizer
nitrogen (N) – 7%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 9%
potassium (K2O) – 12%
magnesium (MgO) – 3%

“AGRECOL NATURA fertilizing sticks” are intended for pots plants: decorative, herbs, vegetables. Each stick contains optimally selected set of nutrients and organic matter, which effectively enriches and fertilizes the substrate. The sticks are an easy form of fertilization, friendly to plans and the environment.

Application method

Use the sticks every 2-3 months.

  1. Remove the required number of sticks from the packaging,
    corresponding to the diameter of the pot.
  • pot diameter <5 cm – 1 stick
  • pot diameter 6-10 cm – 2 sticks
  • pot diameter 11-15 cm – 3 sticks
  • pot diameter 16-20 cm – 4 sticks
  • pot diameter >20 cm – correspondingly more
  1. Press the sticks into the substrate between the plant
    and the wall of the pot.
  2. Water the plant with water.
  3. Remember to maintain the appropriate one
    substrate moisture.

From November to February use the half of dose.

WARNING! The fertilizer is not intended for combined use with plant protection products.

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